Do companies still hire chauffeur driven cars?

One would think companies, used to the last 5 years of cutting costs and corporate sustainability might have given the chauffeur driven car the heave-ho? Seems as those that assumption is far from what’s happening on the road (as it were).

There remains a willingness to spend budgets on services that deliver savings elsewhere. So what are the savings?


When your paying someone £70,000 a year, you want as much time focused on work as practical. If an exec is flying in to attend a meeting, is it helpful if they spend 20 minutes waiting for a taxi, or sorting out a hire car? Then negotiate a route they may be unfamiliar with, roads they don’t know, or even a sat nav system (or map!) they are unfamiliar with?

Collection at the airport from a chauffeur car company ensures the exec ends up at their meeting on time, un stressed, and if necessary, has some extra time to prepare for the forthcoming meeting.

If a team are heading to a meeting, how much time can be spent discussing the forthcoming meeting when one person is concentrating on the driving? How many company cars, let alone private cars have in-car wifi? A chauffeur driven car has space and facilities to ensure execs can work in comfort, and safety.


Oddly, hiring a chauffeur driven car for an exec or exec team can save on travel budgets. Compare sending three people by train to, say, a London area meeting? In addition to £800+ of tickets, there is the tube cost, the meals, their parking costs. Suddenly a chauffeur driven transfer looks good value!


How effective is the executive who arrives at a meeting having driven a couple of hours , probably in poor traffic? How relaxed is the Exec who got lost trying to find the offices, or nearby parking? How prepared to face an important meeting is the Exec who just battled with an unfamiliar hire car, or has been squashed in a train seat for a few hours?


There are few companies that pay to send their execs on advanced driving courses. Few companies ensure their execs undergo regular driving assessments to ensure they are efficient and safe. Of course, that’s precisely what a chauffeur car hire company does. So the journey the key execs make in a chauffeur driven car will be more safe then a self drive journey. Given the cost of recruitment for temporary staff if someone is absent through injury, or worse, then there is probably a saving as well as better safety for important employees.

Clever companies, who care for their staff, as well as their budgets are using chauffeur driven cars. Of course there are still those that don’t….