Getting to an event in style

Executive travel for sporting events is more popular than ever before.

The demand for recent major sporting events has been increasing for a number of years. Perhaps those years of austerity are finally over? Whats really interesting its not just the business executives off to the races who book a chauffeur driven car. Some of the reasons for this are obvious. The costs of parking at key events has increased considerably, with £20-40 for the day becoming almost normal. The British Gand Prix costs over £50.

As anyone who has driven on  British motorways recently, it can be quite stressful! parties are booking chauffeur hire cars simply to ensure they arrive relaxed, and capable of enjoying the event! A couple of hours battling with the M1 or M6 could put a spike in anyones attempt to have a good time

Of course, the obvious reason is that being the nominated driver is not a sure fire way to enjoy the event either. When everyone else is enjoying a tipple or three the driver is seething and wondering what they did to be spending a day sipping orange and lemonade? But more practically, the chauffeur remains teetotal so the party gets home safe and sound, and no points on the license!

The fun of rolling up to a famous stadium entrance in a high spec car, with a uniformed chauffeur opening the door can also add to the fun of the event!

Our most popular events are: Royal Ascot | York Races | British Superbikes Donington | Silverstone Formula 1 Grand Prix | Cricket – Headingley.